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Franchising Services

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> Local Representation
> Franchise Coaching
> Franchise System Evaluation
> Feasibility and Viability Studies
> Concept Development
> Enabling the Franchisor
> Legal documentation
> Process and Manual Development
> Manage Your Recruitment & Selection Procedure
> Recruitment & Selection Process and Manual
> Chair Franchise Meetings
> Annual System Review
> On-going Support
> Benefit of Previous Experience

Local representation

Many franchisors are not based or do not have representation in British Columbia. We represent franchisor’s interests locally on every level, from active involvement in various processes as an agent of the franchisor, to merely hosting franchise meetings and gatherings.

Franchise Coaching

Many franchisees (and many start-up franchisors) do not know much about franchising. As this knowledge is critical, we ramp up franchisors and franchisees to the right level of knowledge.

Here are some resources we hope will help you at this stage as you consider a franchise.

Franchise System Evaluation

Many franchise systems do not perform as expected or even fail. We conduct a full evaluation of franchise systems, franchisor processes and documentation and franchisee businesses.

Feasibility and Viability Study

A good idea must be subjected to rigorous research to establish if it will work in the franchise environment (feasibility) and if realistically financial rewards are worthy of the effort (viability). We assist you with this process.

Concept Development

A good idea needs to be developed into a concept, the concept into a business model and the business model subjected to franchising principles. We will guide you through this process.

Enabling the Franchisor

The franchisor must have certain critical things in place before the first franchise can be offered for sale. We ensure that this is in place.

We draft all legal documentation related to the franchising process including: disclosure documentation, franchise agreements, leases, employment agreements, purchase-sale agreements, to name but a few.

Process and Manual Development

We have developed proprietary processes and documentation relating to all aspects of the franchising processes. This allows us to assist franchisors to set up and manage their systems in the shortest possible time, while still delivering a customized solution, but at a greatly reduced price.

Manage Your Recruitment & Selection Process

Once a prospective franchisee has been identified, this individual must conform to the requirements set by the franchisor. If this process is managed correctly it has a lot of administration and takes a lot of time. To avoid shortcuts due to time constraints, we manage this process on your behalf at no cost to you.

Recruitment & Selection Process and Manual

Many franchisors, even established ones, do not have properly developed processes and documentation. We develop these processes in conjunction with the franchisor. We can even agree to do the development on a no cost to you basis!

Chair Franchisee Meetings

To assist our out of province franchisors we assist them with convening, hosting, chairing and reporting on meeting with their BC franchisees. We offer this service throughout North America.

Annual System Review

As change is inevitable and all systems need to change with time, we audit the processes and documentation on a yearly basis, ensuring that best practices are up to date and in place.

On-going Support

As an established law firm with 30 years of experience, we can offer any on-going support that a franchise may require.

Benefit of Previous Experience

As we have been involved in the development of various franchise systems, our staff have the know-how to assist franchisor’s with various projects, including: corporate identity and brand development, training models and implementation, websites and members only areas, franchisee financing, IT solutions, increased sales, alternative business solutions and problem solving, to name just a few.