Get Paid Program

Collecting on an outstanding debt can be frustrating and time consuming, particularly if it impacts your business. Our lawyers can help you collect on your debt with the fast and simple online Get Paid program. This streamlined collection service is for individuals and businesses of all sizes, and can be completed from your home or office computer by filling out our easy step-by-step form. Our collections lawyers are ready to assist you now. Get Paid today.

Get Paid Program Introduction

Get Paid on Outstanding Debt

Simply complete the Get Paid Form, upload your supporting documents, make your payment, and we will do the rest. Get started now, so we can help you Get Paid.

The unique Get Paid program is a secure and confidential online service for new and existing clients located in British Columbia. Whether you require collection as an individual or a business, our lawyers will assist you in collecting your outstanding debts in a manner that is both fast and cost effective.

Experienced lawyers will review and advance your file just the same as if we met in person in our law offices. The Get Paid service was designed with busy people in mind; people who need a convenient method to activate one or more collections efforts. We gather all your details with a simple step-by-step online form that’s easy to complete, secure and confidential.

What’s more, our flat fees include all your costs, so you will have peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect, and all this from the convenience of your home or office.

If you are a new client, please follow these three easy steps: 

Step 1 – One-time registration 
1. Register by double-clicking on the Get Paid logo.
2. A login screen will appear.
3. If you are a first time user, click “Register” and follow the prompts. 

Already registered? Log in using your username and password here

Step 2 – Complete the interview 
The interview is easy to complete and follows logical steps. You can save your information and return to it at any time. 

Complete as much information as possible and as accurately as you can. You can move back and forth in the interview screens without losing any information. It’s important to save the interview – doing so will make it available for your next visit. Once completed, a lawyer will review your information. You will receive a confirmation email which may contain important information. 

Step 3 — Upload Supporting Documents
Should you have any documents to support your claim, i.e. a contract, invoices, etc. upload these documents.
Upload documents now

Step 4 —Easy payment 
Make your payment through the secure PayPal system by simply following the prompts. Now you’re done.
Make a payment now

Here’s what we will we do:
1. Open your legal collection file on our system.
2. Draft the required documentation for your comments.
3. Send the letter of demand or summons.
4. Have the summons issued by a court.
5. Have the summons served on the debtor by a process server.
6. Follow up on the reply date.
7. Obtain instructions from you relating to further actions, if necessary.

If you have any questions have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.


What service should I select?
A Letter of Demand and a Small Claims Action are the two available options.

A Letter of Demand is sent before any legal action is initiated. This letter warns the Debtor that legal action will follow within the prescribed time period should payment not be made. A demand should always be made in writing before any action is started.
A Small Claims action typically follows the Letter of Demand and is initiated when the Debtor does not pay when requested to do so.

What are the costs?
The cost for a demand letter is $300. This includes legal fees of $250, fees for delivery by courier and regular mail and HST.

The cost of a Notice of Claim in a Small Claims Court action is:

  • Personal debtor: $900, which includes legal fees of $650, court filing fees, service by registered mail, a Certificate of Service and HST.
  • Corporate debtor: $930, which includes legal fees of $650, corporate search, court filing fees, service by courier, provision for a Certificate of Service and HST.

Please read the FAQ section dealing with costs carefully as submitting this document is an instruction to our law firm.

All information supplied during the interview is secure and confidential and will only be made available to your legal team and their staff. Note however that after the Notice of Claim is issued by Court, the information that it contains becomes available to the public.