Personal Legal Services

We understand that personal legal issues are stressful, even in celebratory times such as the purchase of a new home. Our lawyers and staff patiently guide you through the process. We ensure you remain in control of all decision-making and that you are fully briefed on the legal process, making recommendations along the way.

Personal Services

> Family Law & Mediation
> Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents
> Real Estate Conveyancing
> Wills, Estates & Trusts

Family Law & Mediation


The decision to end your marriage or address issues involving child custody, access, support, property and debt division all require an experienced and trusted advisor. Most clients prefer to settle their issues out of court and that approach is a strategy we support. It’s faster, less costly and provides you with a little more control over the proceedings. If however, the course of your matter leads all the way to court, we are experienced and capable of representing you to ensure you receive the best possible outcome for you and your children.

Personal Injury & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Becker & Company advises on all types of injuries from simple slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle or ICBC claims, and complex head injury matters where the firm has acknowledged expertise. Before you meet with a claims adjuster, it’s important you speak to a lawyer first. Even a quick consultation can have a significant impact on your claim. We’ve assisted clients for decades with their claims, activating or reinstating their benefits and getting expert opinions to ensure your settlement is as favourable as possible.

Real Estate Conveyancing

Our conveyancing services ensure that your purchase or sale is completed competently and without delay. Having completed more than 10,000 conveyances, working alongside top realtors in the region, Becker & Company has assisted all types of home owners and buyers with a variety of property types. Real estate professionals regularly send their clients to us, ensuring each deal is closed smoothly, efficiently and with a high degree of client service.

Wills, Estates & Trusts

Becker & Company offers comprehensive legal services designed to put your personal matters and preferences in legal order and, in doing so, protect your estate. Personal estate planning, for most people, requires three different documents: a will, an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Representation Agreement.

A Will is often considered the most important document you will create in your lifetime. A properly prepared Will ensures that your estate will be distributed according to your wishes. Without such a document, your family may be left to deal with complicated legal issues in addition to managing their grief. When you have a Will prepared, you will name a person or company as the “executor”. This executor gathers the estate, pays any of your outstanding debts and taxes, and divides what is remaining among the beneficiaries. It is important to choose an executor that you trust. You may choose more than one executor who will act together as co-executors. You can also choose an alternate executor.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is an important document which allows one or more persons to manage your financial affair while you are alive. An “enduring” form of Power of Attorney (POA) allows this authority to survive any loss of mental capacity by the person giving the POA (ie. injury, disease, or dementia).

A Representation Agreement is a legal document which creates a contract between you and a representative allowing them to manage your legal, financial, health, and personal care matters if you are unable to do so.

These services are now offered at both our Pitt Meadows offices.

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